Our services

Customs clearance is one of our main and priority activities. Our 10-years’ experience at the customs services market makes it possible to represent and defend the interests of our clients in custom authorities. Adjusted and proved work scheme, highly professional customs applicants and managers, knowledge of all nuances of the customs legislation and foreign economic activity promotes the high quality level of documents preparation, prompt declaration filing to the customs authorities and accelerated release of goods.

Best Logistic, LLC has the Certificate of Record in the Uniform State Register of Customs Brokers of the Russian Federation and provides all kinds of customs operations in compliance with the Customs Legislation of the Customs Union. Our company provides customs clearance services of practically all kinds of goods of Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature (FEACN):

  • food (except spirits and tobacco goods)
  • furniture
  • industrial and construction machinery
  • electronics
  • pharmaceutic goods
  • consumer goods (clothes, footwear and etc.)
  • other goods

And goods within the competence of the Central Excise Cargo:

  • light vehicles and trucks, buses
  • special construction and agricultural machinery
  • transport chassis
  • attached implements and spare parts
  • car assembly sets and components
  • motor oils and tyres
  • other excise goods

Our complex of customs services includes:

  • consulting on customs clearance procedures: choice of a customs procedure, defining of FEACN codes, making a list of necessary documents, informing about any relevant changes of the customs legislation;
  • complex of services on preparing the documents necessary for customs declaration drawing;
  • calculating of payable customs duties and taxes and their payment (at the customer’s request);
  • preparation of necessary documents and other information about goods for their declaration at the request of customs authorities in compliance with the customs procedure;
  • filing of electronic customs declarations over the electronic-digital signature of a representative of LLC «Best Logistic»; preliminary informing of customs authorities and preliminary declaring of goods at the customer’s request;
  • drawing and passing of vehicle registration certificates, passing of the original customs documents to a client, providing of customs declaration electronic copies;
  • control over the debiting the payment orders;
  • drawing a report at the customer’s request;

Best Logistic, LLC provides services in the sphere of customs clearance of excise and unexcise goods in the following regions:

Moscow region:

  • customs terminals on the Kievskoe, Kashirskoe and Liningradskoe highways, including terminals with approaching railways;
  • airport «Sheremet’evo».


  • ground customs terminal and seaports of the city, including the modern seaport Ust-Luga and seaport in Kronshtadt;



Far East:

  • customs terminals, including terminals with approaching railways, and seaports of the city and the port Zarubino.