The cost of air freight

Freight aircraft - the fastest version of the international delivery of goods, however, the cost of such services is quite high. Often resorted to air cargo in the case when it is necessary to urgently deliver small lots . The average cost is 2-4 dollars per kilogram .

Calculating the cost

Despite these high rates , in practice, the calculation is quite complicated . At the cost of manifest components such as direct shipping ( also known as air freight ) , surcharges ( fuel surcharge , airport tax , service charge, security). Additionally, treatment of goods at the airport will also require certain costs - loading and unloading , documentation . In view of the complexity of design companies often use the services of a customs representative , which creates an additional financial burden .

Airfreight is calculated based on the fact , what weight of the goods and its volume . The calculation is based on the so-called volumetric weight , because your seat is too much . When the aircraft carrying capacity of 15 tons in cargo compartments in the amount does not exceed 100 cubic meters. Thus , air is much more profitable to transport small heavy goods . To achieve parity , it was decided to calculate the cost for bulk cargo . Per cubic meter falls 167 kilos .

To determine exactly how much will cost air freight , you need to know exactly the data used in the calculation : gross weight of cargo, its bulk density , air freight carrier rates , the cost of treatment at points of departure and destination , fuel and airport charges .

Higher cost of air-delivery

The value affects the rate at which cargo is delivered , as well as the above-mentioned bulk density . Significantly affect the final cost may be , and the process of customs clearance. Airports are considered as the state border , and because there is a customs representative of the company will carry out the execution of all necessary documents. There vnutritamozhenny and transit to the final destination , but in practice , such a procedure does not occur too often.

Decision customs issues in the design of goods delivered to the destination country aircraft , the process is very complicated. Especially in the case where the value of the goods is not consistent with the value marked in the database airport customs . To resolve such problems, cargo owners use the services of specialized brokerage firms.

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